The Long Defeat


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Wallow Within
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Wallow Within Nice! Very fast and raging. Blending some Sludge, Black Metal and Hardcore together works really well. I hope they put an album out soon. Favorite track: Pale Knife.
Max Void
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Max Void Fast.Angry.Heavy totally worth buying!
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Originally released October 4, 2015

Sorti le 4 Octobre 2015

Recorded mixed and mastered by/ Enregistré, mixé et masterisé par: Wormwitch


released March 16, 2016

Max Vüst - Drums
Colby Hink - Guitar/Vocals
Robin Harris - Vocals/Bass



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Rainville Records Montreal, Québec

Heavy music label based out of Montreal, Canada.

Est. 2016

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Track Name: Fear Fire Foes
they hammer your swords into plowshares
the steps made to subjugate the weak
no resistance to breach the walls of ruling hand
transfigure the wolves into sheep
the cycle repeats
hand over fist
victory to the corporate elite
the summer of ignorance draws to a close
frost at the doorstep
now is the time! go for their throats!
fear, fire, foes!
the enemy's at the gates!
children born for war
live free
Track Name: Hawk Smoke
inevitable death will come for me
as I linger in the womb of this life
above the surface like a shade
he awaits my steady rise
the end comes quick
a sudden stop forevermore
I will cease to exist
I will not grasp for eternity
I will rest my eyes
as I return to the depths
my life will peel away as bark to a flame
and my ash will sustain the earth
relentless death will come for me
pale hand outstretched
I cannot see
beyond the veil
he's ticking off the days
and from his shadowed post I turn away
to view the earth through ashes gray
he awaits my steady rise
to the grave
Track Name: Slammed in a Coffin
mankind from the dust
animal born of time
the sweat of your brow is shared
all on earth, breathing life
thoughts of self piled high
unbalanced and apt to kill
to reach the dome of the sky
and rain down
your difference is not set in stone
as a standard for all beasts of the land
pitiless you sink into depths of depravity
to point fingers and cover the past
I will not stand by
while you set guidelines and govern the way
a free spirit should walk the paths of earth
each life to be measured
by it's merit
Track Name: Pale Knife
I will remove your grasping hands
as they reach for your sick prize
from the shadows like a bat
you will feel the edge of my pale knife
I'll create the hell you ask for
a sentence to pedophiles
rapists soul killers
death to you
Track Name: Wheels of War
hammers of industry
conquest of land
wheels of war churning the sand
the ringing will be heard for time out of mind
when a lost soul finds the earth
a wasteland drifting through dead space
memory stained in the tapestry of the stars
red with blood
hot with hatred
I will fight this vision
the trajectory of pain
bent on the thorough raping of all life
sickness of man will be cleansed from the land
Track Name: Rites to Annihilate the Sun
rites to annihilate the sun
the blade won't stop until its
hunger feeds on every one
a sword rests upon the throat
satiate the earth
blood upon the stones
one by one they return
one by one to the land
one by one
climb the mount with torch in hand
a resistance to reclaim the ages
swift stroke of the firebrand
as payment for your sins against natural man
heads will roll
reject eternity
reject the lamb
a resistance to the holy man
the bell tolls